Wissol Group

"With Wissol Group's business success, we want to contribute to the development of a country with strong economy , and strong economy is achieved by introduction of modern technologies and developed infrastructure, existence of high-intellectual personnel and the sustainable development of the country. The main value of our brand is the quality of the service, we offer valuable relationships to customers and with introduction of new standards of business management and service, we are contributing to the development of the society and the areas in which Wissol Group works." - "Wissol Group" President

Organization: Wissol Group
Sector: Energy, food industry, real estate and advertising
Ownership: Private entity / Large
Year of establishment: 1999
Contact Person: Rusudan Kbilashvili - CSR Manager (tel :599320412;; email: pr@wissol.ge )
Web-pages: wissol.ge; smart.ge; dd.ge; wendys.ge

 Wissol’s contemporary activities are concentrated on multi-profile, long-term projects. Among them are the "Book for All the Villages", with over 150 regional libraries supplied with books, "More Georgian Products", based on which "Wendy's" and "Dunkin Donuts" have substituted a large share of imported products and promoted local production. "Wissol” opened electricity charging stations network as well. "The Student Employment Project" gives “ career development opportunity in “Wissol Group” to hundreds of students annually and the possibility of internship in the group constantly.

Human rights: Wissol Group and its subsidiaries are in line with the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, the health care and the safety standards are set out. In order to raise awareness, staff are regularly trained to provide information on labor and human rights.

Environment: Environmental impacts are analyzed to minimize adverse impacts, company's activities include planting of plants, using energy efficient technology and secondary paper and emphasizing its significance.

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Contact Information

Aleksidze str., 12, Tbilisi

Telephone: +995577158504

Mobile: +995577158504

E-mail: csrclubgeorgia@gmail.com