Accessible Environment for Everyone

Organization: Accessible Environment for Everyone
Sector: Protection and advocacy of persons with disabilities.
Ownership: NGO / Small
Year of establishment: 2011
Contact Person: Giorgi Alavidze (tel. 591 22 44 60; email:

Informational about organization's corporate responsibility:

       Organization has a mission to advocate for persons with disabilities to ensure equal access to their public good. "Accessible Environment for Everyone" raises awairness about UN Guidelines on Business and Human Rights. Business responsible behavior is encourage by  collaboratio in different events and advertisements. In order to disseminate information about the activities of the organization, periodic meetings are held with stakeholders and information is published on the web-page as well.

Recently implemented projects:

"Overcome Barrier With Me" -In June-October, 2015, organization has launched an educational project with the support of the Central Election Commission with aim to improve civil engagement of young voters and increase participation in elections. Implementation of the project led to the low level of low public awareness of young people aged 18-25, especially among the most vulnerable groups among them. In order to address this problem and to collect the necessary data, focus groups were held with organizations concentrating to help people with disabilities, disabled people, students and pupils in Batumi and Akhalkalaki. Afterwards, information and social campaigns were launched on the issues of electoral participation in raising awareness of citizens.

Since January 2017, organization has been implementing a project on access to inclusive healthcare and access to rehabilitation and rehabilitation services in the country. The project is oriented according to study of the barriers for people with disabilities in the field of health care, which will prepare recommendations for the purpose of overcoming them. People with disabilities have the most frequent use of health care services, but they encounter a lot of problems related to physical access to institutions as well as lack of medically qualified qualifications. The project also aims to prioritize the reproductive health problems for women with disabilities and to study the situation in this regard. Strengthening of Women's Platform for Women, Planning Trainings and Official Registration of Women's Organization is planned. After the end of the analyzes by experts, the monitoring of medical service supervision will begin by specially prepared groups.

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