"CSR (Social Responsibility) This is a good will to take more responsibility to satisfy the higher standards of business than it required by the law. "Aversi's" main concern is the care of the health of the population, company is doing everything to offer its customers  high quality and effective product at affordable price. However, in society there still is a layer of population, who can not receive high quality product and  social projects helps us to ensure that all sectors of society get help in terms of the support and care for their health and peace of mind. " - Lali Bregvadze

Organization: Aversi
Sector: Medical(pharmacy, clinic network, insurance, pharmacy manufacturing)
Ownership: Private entity / Large
Year of establishment: 1994
Contact Person: Lali Bregvadze PR manager( tel: 577 76 03 86 email: pr@aversi.ge) / Nunuka Sharvashidze (tel:599328246; email nunuka.sharvashidze@aversi.ge)
Web-pages: http://pharma.ge

"Aversi" initiated multi-profile CSR projects all-around Georgia, including programs such as: free medical inspection in high mountainous areas; "Donors International Week", continious care for homeless children and elderly people; Projct for aid to families of dependent children; Career and education for youth ...

"Aversi" supports private live developements fo employees, financial assistance is provided for the newlywed people, monetary award is given for Pregnant. "Aversi-Rational" is distinguished by innovations: Single most common computerized pharmaceutical system has recently been introduced in the enterprise, operating in accordance with international standards, operative and efficient program management.

Human Rights: "Aversi" protects Georgia's labor rights, periodically conducts informational meetings to raise awareness on human and labor rights. The company also has a code of ethics that regulates company's anti-corruption policy. Contracts / partners are selected depending on how well-recognized standards of human rights are protected.

Enviromental Protection: "Aversi" is actively involved in environment preservation events, particularly in Borjomi forest-park saving project. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the operations carried out by the company results in environmental impacts, reduction of adverse impacts and periodic monitoring.

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