Organization: EVEX
Sector: Medical Corporation
Ownership: Private entity / Large
Year of establishment: 2014
Contact Person: Gvantsa Gusharashvili - CSR Manager ( email: ggusharashvili@evex.ge)
Web-pages: http://www.evex.ge/ge/; https://www.facebook.com/evexmedicalcorporation/

       Medical Corporation Evex is an innovator for implementation of high-tech medical services. Evex's priorities include permanent care for the education and qualification of medical personnel in various programs. Advantages such as - exclusive cooperation with international professional associations and organizations; continuous care of improvement of quality of service,  distinguishes "Evex" from other organizations in its sector. Company is in full compliance with ISO 26000 international standards.

Information on Evex's corporate responsibility activities is spread to both - investors and shareholders, as well as employees and consumers with mass media tools.

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Contact Information

Aleksidze str., 12, Tbilisi

Telephone: +995577158504

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E-mail: csrclubgeorgia@gmail.com