Organization: Liderfood
Sector: Food Production
Ownership: Private entity / Medium
Year of establishment: 2009
Contact Person: Irina Keidia- Marketing Manager (email:
Web-pages: ;

       Leaderfood meat processing is carried out by European high-tech equipment bought from  certified European suppliers, products are tested in accordance with international standards. At the moment, Leaderfood is moving to a new enterprise and is working to implement internationally recognized corporate standards inside organizational activities. For now CSR activities include participation in charitable activities and, if necessary, providing product / finances.

Human rights: Healthcare and labor safety standards are introduced in the company, discrimination on the workplace is strictly prohibited and equal pay for equal amount of work is heavily monitored. Information about labor and human rights are provided through informational meetings. Contractors / Partners are selected based on whether they respect and/or are willing to respect the universally recognized standards of human rights and that is included in the procedure.

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