Media Development Foundation

Organization: Media Development Foundation
Sector: Media, media literacy, freedom of expression
Ownership: NGO / Small
Year of establishment: 2008
Contact Person: Dali Qurdadze (email:: )

Information about corporate responsibility of the organization:

Main areas of MDF are: freedom of speech and expression, ethical journalism and accountability; Media literacy; human rights; Diversity and inclusive society; Gender equality; Support for Youth Initiatives and Civil Activism The organization is registered in the Civil Society Mobile Transparency Database. Publishes its own activities by quarterly intervals - both for beneficiaries and for non-governmental organizations, academic circles and the public.

Projects implemented in current period:

1. Survey of youth needs, communication and information sources of Muslim communities - The purpose of the project is to examine the needs of young Muslims living in Georgia and sources of information available to them;

2. Tracking Detector for Citizens Informing and Media Literacy - The purpose of the project is to deal with anti-western propaganda by promoting public awareness and media literacy;

3. "Myth Detector" Laboratory for Media Practices - The purpose of the project is to address the challenges of misinformation through media literacy and media production

4.Cremlin Influence Index - The goal of the project is to measure the informative political influence of the Russian Federation in Georgia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Hungary to effectively meet the Kremlin's misleading campaign

5. Tolerance, Civic Consciousness and Integration Support Program (PITA) - The program includes various activities to support tolerance, civic consciousness and integration in Georgia.

6. E-Services and New Media Opportunities for Development of Investigative Journalism in Regional Media - The goal of the project is to promote development of investigative journalism through the strengthening of training, training, consultation and media competition for the use of modern electronic services for regional media.

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