Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia

"Development of social responsibility in Georgia will bring many positive results, namely:

* Effective solution of individual social and ecological problems Through business involvement in solving problems;
* Development of international trade and attraction of foreign investments;
* Engaging Georgian companies in the chain of multinational calls;
* Growing economic competitiveness of the country;
* More on the requirements set out in the Association Agreement with the European Union
Effective performance. "

Organization: Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia
Sector: Civil organization empowerement, Social entrepreneurship development
Ownership: NGO / Small
Year of establishment: 1995
Contact Person: Lela Khoperia.(tel:+995322399019; email:;)

The mission of "CSRDG" is the development of civil society through promotion of bilateral dialogue between the government and society. Organization has established international standards - is registered as a member of Global Compact, promotes ISO 26000 standards and encourages GRI and other reporting standards. Trainings and seminars are used for disseminating such information, as well as publications; stakeholder forums and conferences.

Transparency: CSRDG annually publishes its activity analysis and regularly conducts activities to communicate with stakeholders with the help of multiple media outlets. The report is available on the web-site of the organization and occasionally, meetings are held with interested entities.

Recent activities:

Civil Society Development Initiative;

Traditional Handicrafts in Georgia - Platform for Economic Development;

Impact of Association Agreement with the European Union for Georgian Customers and Their Consciousness;

Strengthening Capacities of CSOs to Contribute to Social Services Policy Dialogue in Georgia and Ukraine;

Social Entrepreneurship - An Innovative Approach for Economic and Social Change;

Citizens for open and effective local governance;

Strengthening the involvement of non-governmental organizations engaged in social security in the strategic dialogue in Georgia;

Eco-awareness raising in Georgian youth for waste-free Georgia;

Facilitate fiscal decentralization as an instrument for the introduction of government and real self-governance.

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