Transparency International Georgia

Organization: Transparency International Georgia
Sector: Fight against corruption; Media; Elections; Justice
Ownership: NGO / Small
Year of establishment: 1998
Contact Person: Tika Beshkenadze (tel: 557 93 93 94; email:

Information about corporate responsibility of the organization:

       "Transparency International Georgia" has been trying to promote human rights, to initiate activities against corruption and to consult with relevant agencies in cooperation with state agencies and companies for many years. Organization is a member of the UN Global Compact and encourages 10 principles of the agreement. Activities report is available on the website, communication is established with beneficiaries as well as with mass media through interested individuals.

Recently implemented projects:

Civil Movement Against Anti-Western Campaign - The goal of the project is to prevent the spread of anti-western misinformation and to express Georgia's European and anti-Atlantic aspirations. The project aims to raise awareness of Association Agreement, Visa Liberalization Action Plan, Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area Agreement and Human Rights in the population of 6 target regions.

Advocating for the creation of a modern system of security sector - The goal of the project is to advocate for creating a security sector with a focus on the protection of human rights, by forming a balanced, modern security structure.

Funding of Political Parties and Monitoring the Use of Administrative Resources in the Electoral Process - The project aims at promoting fair and competitive environment for the 2016 parliamentary, 2017 local and 2018 presidential elections. In order to achieve this goal, the project will monitor funding of political parties and the use of election administrative resources.

Developed democracy and society-pluralistic and democratic society, developing transparent and accountable lawmaking, improving judicial oversight, and citizen involvement in democratic processes. These goals are achieved through all branches of the government, both on the central and local level, as a result of partnership and effective advocacy with media and civil organizations.

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Contact Information

Aleksidze str., 12, Tbilisi

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