Organization: Unicard
Sector: Loyalty Card
Ownership: Private entity / Small
Year of establishment: 2009
Contact Person: Nino Simonishvili - Marketing Manager (tel:577651138; email: n.simonishvili@unicard.ge)
Web-pages: www.unicard.ge / facebook.com/unicard.ge/

       As a result of Unicard's last years' activities,  project  "Children's Letters" was launched to materialize wishes written in letter by socially vulnerable children.  In cooperation with the organization "Georgian Gene", a new type of card was created for large families, this card gave families unique possibilities and special discounts from different partners of Unicard.

      Unicard communicates their own CSR activities with stakeholders quarterly, and information is available for both employees and users as well as for Internet audiences and other interested individuals through mass media. The organization has a set of rules that provide health care and labor safety.

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Contact Information

Aleksidze str., 12, Tbilisi

Telephone: +995577158504

Mobile: +995577158504

E-mail: csrclubgeorgia@gmail.com