Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat replaces animal protein with plant protein in their food products such as burgers and Chicken-Free Strips. In doing so, the company creates nutritional value at a lower cost with an improved environmental footprint. Beyond Meat use naturally occurring vegetable proteins to create product ...
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The Maersk Triple-E class of ultra-large container ships are all about energy efficiency, economies of scale and environmental improvements.The ships are fitted with the latest energy-saving and pollution-control technologies. For instance, the ships’ hulls are optimised for lower speeds in an effic ...
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Coffee Flour

Coffee Flour is a new, nutrient-dense flour made from the flesh of coffee cherries, which is usually discarded when harvesting coffee beans.Over ten million tons of solid and liquid residues are produced from the coffee manufacturing process every year. The process extracts the desired bean – which ...
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Environmental organization Parley for the Oceans have partnered with German sports brand Adidas to create an innovative and sustainable shoe. The upper part of the trainer is made entirely of yarns and filaments from reclaimed ocean waste: the green wave pattern across the shoe uppers is made from r ...
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LucidEnergy provides a new way to generate renewable energy around the clock from gravity fed water in pipes.The LucidPipe is an in-conduit hydropower technology that enables industrial, municipal, and agricultural users to produce carbon-free, electricity from gravity-fed water pipelines. Water fro ...
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Air France

Air France launched a video campaign to inform passengers about strict laws in destination countries that punish people who exploit children. 
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Paul Polman has been announced as one of the winners of the UN's highest environmental accolade for leading the private sector toward sustainability, both in his role as Unilever CEO and as a tireless advocate for more sustainable business models. As CEO of Unilever, Mr. Polman has introduced a plan ...
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Precision Hawk

This lightweight drone gathers high-resolution aerial data that enables farmers, businesses and public authorities to optimize planning, land management and increase land use efficiency.PrecisionHawk aims to make farmers and other businesses more efficient and productive with its drones and simple c ...
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Microsoft is promoting diverse and inclusive legal profession through its Microsoft’s Law Firm Diversity Program (LFDP). The company is providing each of 15 contracting law firms with the opportunity to earn their annual bonus based on their performance in increasing diversity in three aspects of a ...
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Lidl has said it will become the first UK supermarket to implement the minimum wage as recommended by the Living Wage Foundation.From October 2015, Lidl UK employees will earn a minimum of £8.20 an hour across England, Scotland and Wales, and £9.35 an hour in London, the supermarket said. The Nation ...
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