"Corporate Responsibility Award" consultation meeting results and frequently asked questions

18 October 2017

On October 17, 2017, CSR Club's Secretariat held a consultation meeting with interested companies about corporate responsibility awards. After unvailing award, the participants had opportunity to specify technical or content issues related to the completion of the award. The following issues were clarified by the participants' questions:

1. Can you present a project in which several organizations are involved (business, non-governmental organization, public agency) when you are a leading organization in the implementation of the project?

If you are a leading organization and coordinate the project, you can submit an application for your company. We remind you that only the entrepreneurial entities can enter the competition.

 2. In the Competition category - "Successful Partnership for Sustainable Development" - Are non-governmental organizations that have a Non-entrepreneurial legal entity status but are funded by the state and are fully financed from the state budget considered to be NGOs ?

For the purpose of award, such organization can not be considered as a partner within the category. However, you can submit a project in another category if it is consistent with them («Best Project for Human Rights Responsibility», «Best Project for Environmental Protection»)

3. Is jury's composition known?

Identified, organizations / agencies whose representatives will evaluate projects. Representatives of international organizations, business associations, NGOs, state agencies and international experts will be included in the jury. The composition of the jury will be published publicly in early November.

4. On what language should you apply for?

Competitors fill the application in Georgian. After the initial selection (determination of compliance with the formal requirements), the organizers of the competition may ask the selected candidates to present application in the English language in order to ensure effective participation of international expert jury members.

5. Can you present a project that has been implemented / implemented in cooperation with the state?

You can represent such a project. It can be presented in the relevant thematic category ("Best Project for Human Rights Responsibility", "Best Project for Environmental Protection") and not the category of "Successful Partnership for Sustainable Development".

6. What documents are applicable in Appendixes?

It is desirable to attach to application the company's corporate liability strategy (if any) or any other document relating to a specific corporate responsibility; Company Action Plan, which concerns the corporate direction of corporate responsibility (if any); Also, reports, printed material, photo / video material, any other document that will strengthen your facts.

We should remind you that to get full information about the award, you should carefully review the concept of the award, especially part of the evaluation criteria and evaluation guide.

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